Free Food Express

SK group transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables

As fresh fruits and vegetables contain large content of moisture, have short shelf life and tend to turn rotten easily, they highly restrict the transportation route and trading time. To transport trans-shipment cargo, SK group provides special guarantee for the following aspects:


Operational flow

Receiving & transportation : 

SK group timely adjusts or increases goods receiving channels according to daily quantity of fresh agricultural products, so as to guarantee that goods are rapidly warehoused;

Timeliness : 

Considering that fruits and vegetables are transported for a long distance and that their seasonal and fresh-care characteristics are fairly distinct, we will postpone the deadline for loading as much as possible, with priority on safety guarantee at the site. When goods can not be forwarded due to belated submission of freight note, we will actively send information to the front station, so as to ensure that fresh goods can be timely taken without freight note.

Freight space and capacity : 

We also accept reservation in advance and actively adjust common goods, so as to ensure that goods are forwarded as scheduled.

Forwarding : 

Firstly, we will inform goods owners of information on all flights, so that they can made decision on flight and destination station in advance. In case of rush with the subsequent flight, we will actively activate abnormal operation mode to coordinate all working chains and smoothly finish transshipping of goods. When guaranteeing stop-by flight that is the most variable, we will reserve freight space for the agent in advance. Before goods pre-planning, we must confirm stowage of the previous station. In case of excessive stop-by goods and deficiency in freight space, we will timely contact regulation center and loading/unloading/dispatching department, etc., so as to make preparations for forwarding fresh goods, and concern about departure of fresh goods at any time. Even if a small part of the goods is not forwarded on time, it should be transported by the next flight.