Corporate Philosophy

Quality originates from details; achievement originates from preciseness; efficiency depends on professionalism.


Under company philosophy” “the service, the innovation, the efficiency”, the SK Group has long been committed to provide customers with the best quality service and the most preferential price. We will persevere and strive to improve our service, and adhere to regarding customer satisfaction as criteria for evaluating and improving all our jobs.


The brand value of SK Group is a tremendous intangible asset. Honest and effective constraint is not only from the outside, but also from self-discipline and self-consciousness present in the SK Group. It even is a symbol of strength and confidence.


We believe that the success of a company does not depend on one person or background only. The most important factor is talent with experience and honor. Therefore, we treat our staff sincerely and make them grow with the company.

Corporate Spirit: Professional, Dedicated, Enterprising, Innovative

Corporate Atmosphere: Precise, Plain, United, Progressive
Corporate Ethics: Loyal, Diligent, Self-reinforcing, Trustworthy
Corporate Objective: Enable our customers to be the best enterprises; Make the best enterprises be our customers.